Keto Breakfast Burrito

This is sort of a brother to my spicy southwestern keto omelette recipe that I posted not too long ago. That recipe has actually been very popular so far among the myriad others that are currently up, so I figure this would be a great addition. Not to mention I just absolutely adore breakfast food, so every keto breakfast recipe I see just lights my eyes up instantly. Especially if they’re fresh and spicy. Maybe I’ll end up making a whole category for spicy breakfast recipes. Probably not, though.

Keto Salmon Salad Breakfast Recipe

Another short and simple recipe today guys. This is definitely part of me not being able to let go of summer even though I love autumn so much. Salmon salad is definitely something you can eat year-round but I do most of my seafood binging in the hot months, although living in Maryland now I really should take advantage of the local availability. This is also really cool because it’s another multi-purpose recipe.

Bacon & Egg Bites Keto Breakfast Recipe

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Guys, I have some bad news… The puns are gone. I know, I know, this is a travesty for all humankind and the entire quality of the internet will suffer as a consequence. I’m sorry. These terrible puns were beloved by many but unfortunately even I must bend to the iron will of the internet titans like Google, Pinterest, Yahoo, etc. I have to really start optimizing my content for SEO and indexing purposes.