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Creamy Keto Tuscan Salmon

We’re Salmon… I Hope You Like Salmon, Too!

Okay this terrible food pun is a little more obscure, definitely one for the oldheads and music lovers out there. If you get it, you get bonus points that will be redeemed later for, uh… something. If you didn’t, no worries, you probably just had a very confused look on your face as you began scrolling down. I feel like that’s not uncommon around here, though.

I think I’m going to go on a salmon kick for a little bit because:

  • It’s super good for you


  • There are 100 ways to cook it and dress it up

Like pretty much all fish, salmon is keto-friendly and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for antioxidants and brain health. Salmon was also on the Ultimate Zero Carb Food List I just posted, so that’s 3 great reasons right there to make salmon a star of your kitchen, especially when you’re in the mood for seafood. Sea mood? Maybe? Nevermind.

Another interesting thing about this recipe is the main flavor profile is going to be umami, the most scandalous and controversial of all basic flavor groups! Okay, not really, but it is often the least understood — which is a shame because it’s perfectly delicious just as the rest are.

We all know the 4 titans of taste: sweet, sourt, salty, bitter. However, a lot of people have a hard time describing certain flavor profiles where one thing or another is accentuated to a certain level and still others are subdued yet present enough to balance out other areas and all that fancy-shmancy, high-falutin palette stuff. That’s essentially where umami comes in.

It wasn’t even considered a “separate taste” until the 1980s for some weird reason. It is often described as brothy, meaty, hearty or even earthy. So, if you’re like me, you’re thinking: “Okay, so it’s just savory?” And the answer will likely surprise you:

Yes. That’s pretty much it.

Umami is a Japanese word but for all us monolingual simpletons in English it literally translates to “pleasant savory taste.” You’ll find it in a lot of common foods but rarely hear someone use the word to describe whatever it is they happen to be eating.

I just realized I am really rambling here so what I think I’ll do is save the rest of this odd history lesson for it’s own entire post later down the line. Maybe I’ll branch out and do a whole series on each flavor profile. That would be pretty fun.

Well, this recipe is basically umami paradise in my humble opinion, which is what started this whole long-winded introduction. The natural savoriness of the salmon paired with the creamy, brothy sauce is just… mwah! That was like a chef’s kiss thing. Not sure how to type that.

Anyway, here you go!

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