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Fresh Keto Chicken Breast Salad

Breast. Salad. Ever.

Okay, so this may look like an ordinary recipe post about some keto chicken recipe with dressing and lettuce and whatnot… but this actually a big deal. This is a landmark post. A true shining moment in the history of this website. Well, hopefully.

Some indeterminate handful of recipes ago I decided to ramble on for several paragraphs about the introductions of recipe cards. Best thing since sliced bread, right? Well, I need to fine-tune the color scheme, but… yeah. Big moment.

This is another one of those posts. Don’t worry, the recipe cards aren’t going anywhere! In fact, I’m introducing another new element that will surely catapult straight into the stratosphere of online keto recipes with the likes of the awe-inspiring recipe Gods themselves. I’m looking at you, Delish!

I’m sure, seeing as there is a gigantic billboard-sized video at the top of this post, you have already guessed the new element that is being introduced. That’s right — videos!

I’m so freaking excited for this! Video is the king of content on the web right now and I don’t see that going anywhere anytime soon. Not to mention it’s just kind of the best thing ever as far as recipes go. It will also make my life on Instagram and Pinterest approximately 37.5 times easier. I may even start a Keto Kat YouTube channel!

Anyway, it’s going to be great. I’m not entirely thrilled with the quality right now, but there’s so much room to grow so I’m sure the improvement over time will be significant.

The biggest difference is a lot of recipes are likely to become video-dependent and will probably lend to a new format where most of what’s going on with a recipe will be a video, a very brief description here where my ramblings usually go, and the recipe card.

Don’t worry, I will still have plenty of posts where I go off about some random childhood story about cinnamon buns or wax poetic about how good chili is when it’s cold out… there will just be a lot of posts without now, too. Gotta streamline this sh*t!

Anywayyyyy… Here’s the recipe card!

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